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Shogun 2 total war 1.1 5346 trainer

shogun 2 total war 1.1 5346 trainer

Children of Zodiarcs Trainer version.0 1 version.0 1 - Trainer.
Date Victory Objective: Win a campaign strike the blood episode 16 subtitle indonesia as the Date clan.
Serve with Honour Objective: Join a multiplayer clan in Shogun.Objective: Win your first multiplayer battle.Objective: Win a multiplayer battle using no cavalry units (excluding the general) in your army.Dishonoured Foe Objective: Win a multiplayer versus campaign despite giving the other player 10,000 koku.Claw of the Tiger Objective: Win 25 matchmade battles in multiplayer.Written FOR THE patched (5346 Fall of the Samurai) retail/steam version OF THE game.
United in Conquest Objective: Win a multiplayer co-op campaign.
Redeemer Trainer version.0 update 1 6 version.0 update 1 6 - Trainer.
Castle-stormer Objective: Win 10 siege battles as the attacker.Servant of God Objective: Obtain a maximum level missionary.Heroic Warriors Objective: Through the avatar system, get a veteran unit to level.Fear No Horseman, objective: Win a multiplayer battle using no spear units in your army.Uniter of Japan Objective: Capture all provinces on the avatar campaign map.Strike Vector EX Trainer version.0 64bit 1 version.0 64bit 1 - Trainer.Stranglehold Objective: Your clan holds 5 provinces simultaneously on the multiplayer clan campaign map.Balanced Attacker, objective: Win a battle using an army composed of at least one of every class of unit (sword infantry, cavalry, archer, matchlock, spear, naginata).Inspiring Counterattack, objective: Successfully rally 5 units at once with one use of the general's rally ability.Military Might Objective: Be the first clan in the campaign to master the art of Shih.Belligerent Admiral, objective: Sink a European caravel or the flagship vessel the Nihon Maru during a naval battle.Carve a Path Objective: Capture 15 provinces on the avatar campaign map.Objective: Control the Shikoku province.Unnecessary Force, objective: Completely wipe out an enemy unit.